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Game of thrones season 7 new cast added

日時 :
2017/06/13 (火) 03:30 ~ 2017/06/23 (金) 02:30
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The series takes place primarily in the fictional 7 kingdoms of Westeros. There are also very important influences and threats coming from the icy wilderness North of The Wall where the “Wildlings” dwell as well as the Eastern Continent of Essos. In each of the 7 kingdoms there is a presiding house over the lands but under the king. King’s Landing is the capitol of Westeros where the presiding king always lives. The Stormlands are ruled by House Baratheon. The Reach is ruled by House Tyrell who are claimed to be the Wardens of the South. House Lannister maintained overlordship over Lannisport where they reside on Casterly rock. . House Stark were rulers over the northernmost portion of the land labeled The North and resided in Winterfell. House Greyjoy ruled the Iron Islands. House Arryn is the ruler over The Vale. The Tully’s rule over the Riverlands. House Frey are sworn bannermen of House Tully and protect the Riverlands. The Targaryens are the rightful rulers of the thrones but are all but extinct, with the last standing Queen Daenerys Targaryen regrouping in the land of Essos.

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