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Geeks on a Plane Tokyo

GeeksOnaPlane travel all over the world to:

  • Meet startups, geeks, & investors in cities around the world.
  • Learn about trends in internet, mobile, and other tech platforms.

  • Gain insight into local markets, demographics, business models.

  • Meet cool people, new ventures, have fun on planes, trains, buses.

    So far, their travels have taken them to Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and Singapore. And now the final leg of the tour Tokyo. Come join us for an evening of good company with awesome talks with the folks from GOAP.

    When : June 7th, 2010 Mon. from 7 to 10 PM

    Where : Timeout Cafe (5 min from Ebisu Station)

    Capacity : 85 people

    Ticket : 4500 yen per person (includes unlimited drinks and some foods) *

    Dave McClure StartupMetrics & other small presentations
    (LT: “Twitter & Kogi BBQ: Leveraging the Social Web to create a viral cultural phenomenon” by Mike Prasad)

    GoaP Attendees:
    - Dave McClure
    - Kris Krug
    - Mike Prasad
    - Paul Papadimitriou

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・日時:2010年6月7日 月曜日 午後7時〜10時

・場所 : Timeout Cafe (恵比寿駅から徒歩5分)



Dave McClure氏がStartupMetricsについて発表します。他にLTも準備しています。

■GoaP 参加者
・Dave McClure
・Kris Krug
・Mike Prasad
・Paul Papadimitriou

・Geeks on a Planeについて:

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Robert Laing
Robert Laing - (2010/06/04 (金) 09:19)
Hey guys
I don't want to bitch, but why is this so expensive?
mojipittan - (2010/06/04 (金) 18:11)
This time we don't have a sponsor for the event since it was such short notice. Sorry for not making things more clear, just updated the details. Time Out has agreed to do a nomihodai for 3 hours and food. Lets make the most of this offer ^^
Dr. Honjo
Dr. Honjo - (2010/06/05 (土) 00:20)
If you think this is too expensive, you have liberty NOT to join it.
Otherwise, if I were you, I would suggest alternative solution or offer help/collaboration.
Just saying expensive is mutually meaningless.
Robert Laing
Robert Laing - (2010/06/06 (日) 11:15)
@mojipittan - thanks. I thought it was a fair question.

If someone is trying to bootstrap a startup (surely a target market for this event), that price tag is an issue. Of course there are complexities on the organizer's side - I've set up my share of
Robert Laing
Robert Laing - (2010/06/06 (日) 11:16)
bloody comment form. Anyway, I'm going :)
@leedongyol - (2010/06/07 (月) 14:00)
"Today is the #goap day. I am looking forward to meet you all. But we have 10 people in waiting list now. IF you couldn't attend today, please yield your spot to waiting people as soon as possible. Thank you!" - ATND has no reminder, so I leave this. ^^
Paul Papadimitriou
Paul Papadimitriou - (2010/06/07 (月) 17:09)
See you all shortly. Please note that we're at max capacity, so people on the waiting list won't probably be allowed inside, even if we'll do our best to accommodate everyone.

It's not meant as a too formal event. A gathering of interesting people. We
pascalhamonic - (2010/06/07 (月) 18:31)
sorry guys. I cannot make it tonight :(
@leedongyol - (2010/06/08 (火) 00:59)
お陰様で無事に終わりました。どうもありがとうございました。Thanks a lot. It was a successful event thanks to you all.
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