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Business setup

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日時 :
2019/12/12 (木) 01:30 ~ 2020/07/07 (火) 02:00
会場 :
Dubai(Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1,)
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Atnd latent business setup
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How to open a retail shop in Dubai Dubai is now firmly established as the financial, business and commercial hub of the Middle East, extremely known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage. Convenient business conditions and savvy investment decisions have led to Dubai becoming one of the Gulf’s rapidly growing economies. Shops or souks – as these are called in the Middle East – comprise one of the fastest growing industries in Dubai. Consequently, setting up a shop in Dubai is quite a promising proposition. How to open a small shop in Dubai, beauty salon and restaurant domains are the most widespread in Dubai. Let’s have a look as to How to start a small business in Dubai.  After deciding the type of retail store, in order to obtain the Dubai trade license, a company must be registered under the Company Register. After this step, few documents have to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and the UAE federal ministry of Economy for the commercial license to be issued are: Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

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