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What are the advantages of IPTV? and how to find the best IPTV services?

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2020/12/01 (火) 12:30 ~ 2020/12/12 (土) 21:00
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The first advantage of the IPTV technology is that it allows to share the interface with other applications: Internet access, voice over the Internet … Its appearance has made possible the marketing of triple play offers present today at all the operators.

The other technical advantage, and this one is far from being negligible, is the optimization of the bandwidth. Indeed, unlike a conventional broadcast or satellite network, IPTV allows to distribute only programs selected by the user. This is a major difference! Let’s explain: this is how it works, at least in principle. The classic network broadcasts all of its programs to each user. It’s at the reception that everyone chooses their program locally, thanks to their decoder. Conversely, IPTV retains its available content, but only broadcasts what the user chooses: not only does this free up bandwidth, but it also does not limit the user’s choice of capacity of its means of reception: nothing prevents to watch a film of 800Go with a hard disk of only 200Go.

In addition, over time, more and more efficient encoding and decoding systems (the “codecs”) have also made it possible to optimize bandwidth consumption. The IP network was able to broadcast more content and allow new features. Finally, IPTV has the native feature of a real interactivity between the server and the user, which has made it possible to develop many applications impossible to achieve before its appearance. Some examples that everyone already knows:

the interactive program guide, as well as the function that allows the user to search by title or actor the PIP function, that is to say, Picture in Picture, which displays a second channel inserted in the same television screen the function allowing the viewer to choose the angle of the camera or the language broadcast for certain programs finally, all the features directly related to the transmission via internet, such as access to music and photos stored on a tablet or laptop, the use of a mobile phone to program the recording of a program or set parental control.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, your ISP making a point of honor to constantly develop new possibilities. However, at the point of convergence between smartphone and television, there are also alternative offers to the usual ISPs for an IPTV subscription: Apple TV, Android TV and the famous Google Chromecast … not to mention Smart TV.

IPTV beast

The way you watch TV has not changed much in 30 years. Today, Beast IPTV is revolutionizing the way you access television. With 3400 TV channels in its free version, and more than seventy in its expanded version for less than $ 10 per month, you’ll be watching TV in a radically new, intelligent, and intuitive way. It’s the television you know, organized as you’ve never seen it before. Download Beast IPTV ( on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Apple TV or connected TV. And sit comfortably. We will make you love TV.

Vader Streams IPTV

Until now, finding something interesting on TV could take all evening. Say goodbye to tedious zapping, old-fashioned program grids. With Vader Streams IPTV, discover in a blink of an eye what happens on all channels. A radically new way to see what is being broadcast. Each program has its own poster, a progress bar indicates where it is distributed. Choose the program you like on Vader Streams IPTV (, watch it live, reboot from the beginning. Or resume your show exactly where you left it, even on another device.

IPTV subscription

Discover a better way to discover. The IPTV Subscription search engine is particularly powerful. Type “Cary Grant” for example, and IPTV Subscription ( instantly displays the corresponding programs, whether live, in Replay or upcoming. Also try with the name of an actor or director. You will discover shows, movies and series that you did not even know existed.

IPTV France

Can not miss your favorite program. With one click, save the programs you like. Find them every time you log in, available for you as long as you want. Now you can not miss an episode of your favorite show.

Keep an eye on your favorite personalities. Enter the name of an actor or director, a TV presenter, a politician or humorist, then simply click on “Follow”. This intelligent function of IPTV France ( alerts you as soon as they are on TV even if you are not in front of the screen, whatever the nature of the program. If the personality you follow is the guest of a show, the subject of a documentary, or plays in a movie or football game, you will now be the first to know.

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