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HK system

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2019/12/03 (火) 01:00 ~
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Towers Steel Plank

The scaffolding steel plank can be quite light in weight, so when stated has no brain attached. All these light duty steel planks are very useful for labors during construction and paining connected with perpendicular structure.


Help support perpendicular structure
Sturdy building
Available in different shapes and sizes
Scaffolding steel plank is definitely essential scaffolding component, and for that reason, comes with many beautiful features. Some of your major product features are follows

Product Features:

Metal Plank with hooks about the ends, easy to fix on scaffolding tube
Pre-galvanized metallic plate is water substantiation and corrosion-resistant
Plate perforated with number of holes comes in the non-skid surface
Steel plank is lightweight and easy to hold
Roll-formed plate with built-in ribs hardly distorts under high anxiety
Steel Scaffolding plank has the ability to work on any sort of modular scaffolding system
Galvanized steel planks can be purchased in various sizes, shapes in addition to specifications. We also provide custom steel planks to touch your specific requirements. Following will be standard product specifications associated with galvanized steel planks:

Product or service Specification:

Material: Q235 steel plate
Surface treatment: galvanizing
Color: White
Manufacture Process: Registration cutting-punching holes-plate bending-arc welding-galvanizing-packing
Size: 1000mm to 3000mm
Bigger: 225mm, 240mm, 250mm
Elevation: 40mm
Thickness: 1. 8mm
Program: Scaffolding walk platform

Using many outstanding companies that involve in research, progress and production, 5000 to 6000 containers of
Scaffolding & Formwork merchandise are shipped overseas every year. EK provide all framework products, such as Solid Coupler, Pressed Coupler, Ringlock Technique, Cuplock System, Kwikstage Technique, HK system, T60 System, Frame System, Shoring System, Formwork System, Aluminum Scaffolding together with all sizes of Precious metal Tubes. Scaffolding Plank


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