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watertight coating

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Whether or not you’re an expert within the chemical industry, are you truly familiar with the barium sulfate? Don’t get worried! Here come the guides for how to use barium sulfate together with efficient and safety.

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Exactly where Does Barium Sulfate Take place From?

Where Can You use Barium Sulfate?

What Should You Focus on Chemical Industry?

Where Will Barium Sulfate Come By?
As the old indicating goes, ” Know yourself and also enemy”, first you need know very well what is barium sulfate.

Barium sulphate is actually processed by high purity barbarity. It has excellent chemical inertia, it can not be dissoluble in water plus acid, except hot centered sulfuric acid. It is actually almost insoluble in mineral water, ethanol, and acid, soluble within hot sulfuric acid. Along with Potassium Letterman, calcium carbonate or mixed crystal made of metal nitrate. With carbon at high temperature decrease of barium sulfide.

It can be used in painting, plastics, Thermos cheap powder coatings, rubber, glass and lots of other products widely.

Where Do you need Barium Sulfate?
Barium sulfate will are likely involved if put in a new right place, here are the most used industries that you are able to use this materials. If you should start business about barium sulfate, you need to understand where you can use barium sulfate to find profits.

Plastic industry

Refined precipitated barium sulphate are available for plastic raw elements ABS filler, so how the product luster force, and also can improve product energy, stiffness and wear resistance.

Rubber industry

Modified precipitated barium sulphate might be widely used as the filler of rubber items, reduce costs, improve item hardness, acid and alkali and water resistance, and has good reinforcing impact on natural rubber and artificial rubber.

Paper industry

High fineness of superfine precipitated barium sulphate can be utilized for paper, paper waffle and fillers, in order to further improve the whiteness, improve your surface coverage.

Chemical color industry

Due to the superb transplantation, refined precipitated superfine precipitated barium sulphate are available as filler to brighten up the colors, improve the stability and enhance the impacting strength of layer products. It can as well replace superfine precipitated barium sulfate, lithosphere, titanium dioxide, running silica higher raw material prices, suitable to control the cost of paint, making stable capacity.

What Should You Take note of Chemical Industry?
You have many choices since you have learned where this superfine precipitated barium sulfate are available. If you are interested in the chemical industry, there are actually basically eight methods of application for chemical marketplace:


Precipitated barium sulfate for coatings is employed for white pigments along with various water-based, oil-based, resin conventional coatings, primers, protective paints, or anything else.


Barium sulfate is utilised as filler and timber asphalt control agent for different kinds paper and paperboard.


Barium sulfate is going to be used as fillers with regard to polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene along with polyester plastics


Barium Sulfate Used as Anti-sticking Agent to get Rubber Fillers and Rubberized Products


Used while cable rubber additive in addition to cable isolation


Utilised in the manufacture of electric powered, radio, industrial, architectural, home and glaze ceramics


Used for waterproof roll, watertight coating, waterproof ointment

Superfine brought on barium sulphate

Used with regard to high-grade paint coatings, plastics, conductor rubber, cosmetics, copper panel coatings, textile lubricants

Despite which use of barium sulfate you choose, avoid isolation and dissect, let the barium sulfate placed in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture and absolutely no mix with colorful subject. Our company Shaanxi Fuhua Inorganic Co.,Ltd ’s barium sulfate is safe and non-toxic, and can be utilized with confidence. We welcome you at any time if you want to know more about this specific product.


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