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loads is usually increased to 74Kn

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What exactly cuplock scaffold work System?

Cuplok is a adaptable system scaffold. It was designed through SGB – Scaffold Gb.

The name comes about with the cup shape of the fittings for the standards (ie vertical customers.

The system is which is designed to allow angles other than 90 degrees to become achieved.

As shown while in the following photo, the components are held in position by rotating the upper section of the cup with the hammer.

Other types of system scaffold include kwikstage (GKN) plus ringlok (Layher)

Cuplok gal scaffold system. it is a well –proven heavy –duty service system. yet one and that is relatively light and easy to collect. it is as multi- reason system, suitable not only for false work support but access in the process, and is particularly made for building and civil anatomist projects like motorway bridge along with office and retail trends.

Notes: – Design Reasons
Grid Sizes:
The capacity of cuplok is based on 1. 8m and much less horizontal lengths. if COUPLE OF. 5m horizontals are employed, the loadings will be:
1. 5m lifts 60kn
3. 0 lifts 45kn
Outside Verticals: -
The Loading capacities shown are determined by internal verticals restrained in most four direction. For external verticals restrains in either 2 or three the safe working loads might be reduced by up to help 20%.
Eccentric Loads: -
The Loading Diagram will depend on eccentric loads of as much as 25mm and fully long base head jaks in a ‘worst case’ situation.

More substantial Loads -74Kn: -
If jack extensions will be below 35mm and standard eccentricities tend not to excedd 5mm, loads is usually increased to 74Kn.
3-Lug Cuplok: -

The information shown above only relates to high grade Cuplok, That is identified by 4 Lugs within the Top Cups. if 3-Lug Cuplok Verticals are introduced in to the structure a reduced capacity applies as follows.
Elevate Verticals
Height Loading
A SINGLE. 0m 57kN
1. 5m 45kN
ONLY TWO. 0m 33kN
Bracing: -
The permissible le tons on verticals and jacks within cuplok false work structure are according to suitably braced structures prior to HKL’S Design recommendations. Cuplock scaffolding


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