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which can have an adverse impact when combined by

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In the actual technique slewing bearing and this pinion, problems often manifest, resulting in wear, chipping, and abnormal noise around the tooth root or side of the gear, as shown inside the following figure.

This phenomenon mainly occurs in pinion equipment with gear quenching, which involves the following aspects:


Around high-force applications, dynamic weight peaks under acceleration, braking action or vibration can cause elastic deformation in this meshing teeth.

·Center way away error

Manufacturing tolerances throughout gear machining, especially frequency errors, cannot be avoided, which can have an adverse impact when combined by using bending effects.

·Drive component

Most slewing drive units are mounted in a cantilevered arrangement and the deflection in the pinion shaft is unavoidable. High force will all together produce elastic deformation in the interface of the slewing get and mounting structure. This deformation can also cause meshing problems.


The three influencing factors mentioned will bring about high peak loads acting to the edge of the pinion tip, which may cause this lubricant film to rupture and direct metal contact will increase the chipping effect.

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