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the connector is the body that connects the arteries

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Car anti-theft system that gives you property protection
Within modern cars, there are a considerable number of car wiring harnesses, and also the electronic control system is closely linked to the wire harness. An individual once used an photograph metaphor: If the functions with the microcomputer, the sensor and the actuator are when compared to human body, it might be said that the microcomputer is equivalent to the human brain, the sensor is love the sensory organ, the actuator is similar to the moving organ, as well as the harness is the nerve along with the blood vessel. Then, the connector is the body that connects the arteries and to the body.

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Protection of car alarm system

Connector way

Connector choice method

Protection of car alarm system

The car anti-theft method is a system designed to stop theft of the car itself or accents you want on the car. It features an electronically controlled remote device or key, electronic handle circuitry, alarms and actuators. The initial car door locks had been mechanical door locks, of only used to stop the door from opening automatically if the car was running, and only had an unintended effect. With the progress of society, the advancement of science and technology, and the increasing availablility of car ownership, the doors and entrances of cars and trucks that have been later manufactured were pre-loaded with key locks. This kind of door lock only handles one door, and other doors are opened or locked with the door lock button about the inner door.

Connector way

The selection of the connector would need to ensure good contact using the electrical components, minimize get in touch with resistance and ensure electrician reliability. The contact strategies for the connectors are generally Wire to wire connectors, Cable to board connectors, Board to board connectors.

l Wire to line connectors refers to the way in which electrical connections are designed between wires;

l Wire to board connectors identifies the connection of wiring to equipment;

l Board to board connectors comes from the input connection towards outside of the machine. Commonly, there is a PCB board connection and a power equipment end connection.

Connector variety method

For different network methods, how to choose the suitable connector, should first make a preliminary judgment on the basic performance in the connection according to the required forms environment, consider the installation environment like vehicle cabin and cockpit, low pressure and high pressure, dry and wet, and from the hub At the through hole in the body, the connector belonging to the connector, the waterproof connect, the locking and interlocking structure on the connector, the fixing buckle etc are selected for this above requirements.

For the performance requirements of the connector and the complementing terminal, it is essential to further filter the cross-sectional patch of the wire and the contemporary passing through. The current that could be carried by the connector of different specifications might be judged according to the typical: the width of your terminal is 0. 64-1, the actual load is 10A; your width is 2. 3. -2. 8 carrying recent 20A; width 4. 7 carrying 30A; width SOME. 0-6. 3 carrying 45A; thicker 7. 8-9. 5 holding 60A; terminal carrying current usually should be matched with wire size, if too large terminal is selected along with the wire diameter will not match Cause an excessive amount of voltage drop; if way too small terminals and line diameter are selected, the contact resistance is too large, and the temperature grow will quickly cause this connector to ablate.

More used in cars is wire-to-wire connectors, at times using board-to-board connectors or board-to-wire connectors. These connectors play a crucial role in the car’s system so are a core element on the anti-theft system.

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