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it can eliminate the particular contamination of steel or

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There are numerous ways to clean metal profiles, stainless steel washboard bars, stainless steel circular bars, etc. which are provided to improve the properties of s / s profile. Now we mainly create three common surface clean processes of s / s profile: passivation, pickling and degreasing.

1. Stainless iron passivation

The recommended surface just for this process must be iron-free. The existence of stainless steel particles around the surface of any iron, cast iron, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel or perhaps low alloy steel will probably promote pitting corrosion associated with “free” iron and s / s on its surface. This is a very serious problem, so passivation is merely used to treat stainless and stainless steel. The key purpose of stainless steel passivation is to prevent stainless steel surface oxidation and corrosion.

COUPLE OF. Stainless steel pickling

The goal of stainless steel pickling treatment would be to remove oxide scales around the surface of stainless iron after high temperature welding, warmth treatment or hot operating. At the same occasion, it can eliminate the particular contamination of steel or perhaps iron or steel particles that happen to be corroded by red corrosion. Please note that if you experience no acid solution to scrub the surface after pickling, the surface will become to rust and corrode before long. The corrosion resistance with the steel surface layer down below is reduced.

Stainless steel pickling process could be applied to all 190, 300, 400 series of stainless surface treatment. All pickling operations lead to the removal of impurities within the metal surface with a slight change proportions, so the result is the fact to some extent an extinction of visual brightness will also work a significant reduction in size.

Heat treatment in vacuum or a good controlled atmosphere, such seeing that bright annealing, eliminates the decision for pickling, and usually gives metal a better finish.

THREE. Degreasing and degreasing of metal cleaning agent

The pretreatment of any strategy of stainless steel surface cure must first remove grease, chopping fluid, paint compounds along with lubricants, etc. before the surface heat treatment of stainless steel parts or the final passivation treatment may be carried out. Stainless steel parts should also be further welded before degreasing to prevent pickup carbon at excessive temperatures.

Usually, stainless metal profile cleaning agent (No. CA-Q03) is actually chosen. It only needs 1-8 mins to soak at room temperature to eliminate any oil pollution. You can easily operate and has very low labor intensity. It can be reused regularly and effectively reduce the price of production. In cleaning surgical procedures with other metals, the cleanliness rate could be increased through using brushing, spraying or stirring experditions.

In addition to the particular above processes, such because: electroplating, anodic oxidation, sandblasting, painting like a professional, passivation, pickling, degreasing, rust removal etc.

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